Commercial Cleaning Services

10930259_lKeeping healthy environment in the workplace is a must. Hiring utility personnel is not enough to clean the entire premises. That is why hiring a commercial cleaning company can help in doing the job. Clean and neat working place can create good impression for the business. This makes sense of giving importance to the cleanliness of the business premises. However, if the company will be the one to take all the responsibility, the core competencies will be compensated.

To ensure that everything will be attended properly, it is a smart idea to hire commercial cleaning services. Nevertheless, you should find reputable commercial cleaner that can provide the services that you need. Our company offers commercial cleaning services that include janitorial cleaning services for commercial, retail building, industrial and offices. We aim to provide customized packages that would suit to the specific needs of our clients, thus making them satisfied in the end.

Cleaning Services Offered

Our company is composing of cleaning experts who can do the job well. Here are the cleaning services we offer for commercial and offices.

  • Common Areas – If your company will hire our cleaning services we give assurance that all the common areas will be given attention to ensure optimum cleanliness. Services include dusting of shelves, desks, chairs, notice boards and filing cabinets. Cleaning of air vents, air conditioning units, sky lights, ceiling fans and lighting fixtures is also included as well as other equipment.

  • Floors and Windows – Part of the commercial cleaning services we offer include general sweeping, vacuuming, mopping and disinfecting of the floors. Likewise, our cleaning experts ensure that the window frames, ledges and sills are wiped and dusted to remove the dirt build-up.

  • Washrooms – If you will hire our commercial cleaning services, we ensure that your employees will enjoy and be safe in using the washrooms. Our cleaning staff guarantees that the sinks, urinals, toilet bowls are scrubbed and disinfected. Likewise, the vanity units, toiletries, glass surfaces, mirrors, walls, door knobs, light switches and hand dryers are cleaned and sanitized.

  • Cafeteria and kitchen – Part of the cleaning services is the maintenance of the cafeteria and kitchen. Thus, your office cafeteria and kitchen will be always clean to prevent possible contamination of foods and utensils.

  • Boardrooms and meeting rooms – The seats and chair handles are vacuumed and disinfected; the tables are cleaned and dusted. All the equipment including the presentation screens are cleaned.

  • Garbage removal – This is the most important purpose of hiring cleaning services that is to ensure that all the garbage is removed. At the end of the day, the cleaning staff ensures that recycle and waste bins are emptied and garbage liners are replaced.

  • Restaurant cleaning – We also offer restaurant cleaning services so that the crews and staff can focus more on serving the customers. You can avail restaurant service package depending on your needs and preference.

If you are interested to hire our cleaning services, you can contact our office and we would be happy to provide you with the office cleaning quotes. You can choose from the cleaning services package we offer according to your needs. Rest assured that we can provide quality and satisfactory services beyond your expectations. Thus, we uphold our goal to make our clients happy and satisfied.